Shared Inboxes: The key to growth in today’s world


: Newyork, USA (Wiredrelease) Boost SEO Metrics: The power of the email for every business, big or small, is incomparable to anything else. In today’s world, where distance has become mandatory, communication is key. While emails are the primary mode of interaction, they often leave much to be desired. But that does not mean they are not the most reliable method of relating information for businesses. It means, simply put, you are making the right use of them.

If you’re tired of not being able to organize your emails before the new ones come in or missing out on deadlines because they got buried in your inbox, Helpmonks is here to have your back.

Helpmonks provides a shared mailbox that is convenient and easy to use.

What does a shared mailbox look like?

 In a shared mailbox, more than one user can respond to or send an email. The recipient sees only one email address, regardless of how many people use it.

Install a Shared Inbox, anywhere

 The best part about using Helpmonks is that it can be integrated with any email platform. You do not have to go through the strenuous process of creating a new email account and shifting all your other information to it. Instead, you just have to link up the Helpmonks software with your current email, be it on Google, Office 365, Yahoo! etc. This way, the need for a third-party tool, or tools, is eliminated.

Once you have set up your shared mailbox, you just have to add in members and let the software guide you.

Create trust and convenience

The system lets you assign which email needs to be answered by which user. You can section off different categories to different departments or assign specific clients to specific members and avoid the hassle of forwarding countless emails every day.

This feature brings in accountability and responsibility. You can monitor who is lagging behind and who’s running past their schedule. But that is not all.

The system stores all records of your emails too, which can be opened with a simple search. This lets all members view past dealings with their concerned party, in turn creating transparency within your business. This breeds an environment of trust and accountability, the two factors that make any business successful.

Make your emails friendly!

Helpmonks is not your regular shared inbox service; it comes equipped with many features that will play a hefty role in increasing the quality of your services.

For instance, it understands that customers are human and like being treated as humans, not numbers at the other end of the screen. That is why it adds an interactive touch to your emails so that each customer feels recognized.

No more getting left behind

Your inbox no longer needs to be just boxes with addresses. Helpmonks make organizing easier and user friendly. All you have to do is mark your top priority clients, and their emails will always be pushed to the front. The system will make sure the effort you spent securing this customer does not go to waste.

You can even insert reminders or details regarding a client that can be accessed by you or any other member dealing with this specific client’s emails. This reduces the chances of mixing up information and risking the professionalism of your business.

Command on the Go

Another important function that is sure to boost efficiency is email commands.

If there’s a task related to the message that needs to be accomplished, just embed the command into the email. You can set up reminders for yourself and also allocate conversations or errands to other individuals.

Your data is safe, no matter what

With so much data floating around, Helpmonks makes it a duty to provide the best security. Measures are enforced at each level to prevent any trouble. Entry into the application is protected with the kind of encryption that financial institutions employ. Two-factor authentication is also made use of.

There is no scanning or purchasing of data going on behind the screen. Providing a stable and guarded environment takes the utmost precedence.

The most reliable tool

Helpmonks proves time and time again that the customer is the most important asset. It brings you all the right tools and options to guarantee you never have to compromise on your work. So, sign up and make sure you never let an opportunity slip away.

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