Smart Solar Box Review: A New Alternative Solution to Solar Power


: Brooklyn  NY, United States 18 July 2020(Wiredrelease)

If you are tired of looking for a solution to cut down the electricity bill or are a victim of a natural disaster, then this Smart Solar Box is for you. 

In this Smart Solar Box review, I will shed light on how to make a solar box by yourself that will help you to lower the electricity bills by 68% or more. The Smart Solar Box e-book comes with instructions and videos with which you can create the Solar Box within four hours or so.

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You heard of Elon Musk’s SolarCity project but solar tiles are expensive but using the guide of Smart Solar e-book you can make your own  Solar Box which uses the same technology of large solar panels. It is very cheap, needs small space, and encourages people to recycle.

What is Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar battery Box is a digital program that has instructions on how to build the Solar Box.

We all know about solar panels but never use them. The reason is they are costly to install. Smart solar box guide will deliver you all the information that you need to know to build a smart box by yourself. It takes around 4 hours and $200 or more for the parts needed to build a solar Box. Which reduces the cost of the energy bill by 68%.

The primary purpose of this smart Box is to cut down electricity bills. Along with that, it was built so that people can use it at the time of their need, such as during a blackout.

The Smart Solar light Box comes with a guide that consists of manual, blueprints, and in-detailed videos that will help you build one by yourself. You don’t have to be a technical –geek, and neither any knowledge about circuits and wiring is required.

By using a homemade solar box, you can store 70% of electricity to run appliances for the next 19-21 hours.

While traditional solar panels are large and cover up your entire room, this Smart Solar battery light Box can be created within 20 sq. ft. If you want, you can build a big one also.

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Overview of Smart Solar Box Programme:

The Smart Solar Box was invented so that you can spend less on bills and consume electricity when needed. It is also used so that you can have a power supply during a disaster. If you live in a colder region, this will help you turn on the heater, oven, and refrigerator.

The technology of solar panels is not new at all. However, they are large and costly, and they need proper maintenance.

With this new Smart Solar Box technology, you can buy small solar panels and charge them with any used or new car batteries that you might find in your garage or the store.

The device is portable; you can take it at the back of your trunk if you change your house. If you think you are having a problem with space, you can fold it and put it in the garage.

Who Created the Smart Solar Box?

The inventor of the Smart Solar Box is Ryan Tanner, although the initial idea belongs to Ryan’s father. Ryan Tanner discovered the device when a disaster hit their area, and they experienced a power loss.

 Among all others, only their house had electricity, and that’s how he found out about the Box with batteries. It took him a year to build his own self-sustaining power bank.

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Why Should You Build the Smart Solar Box?

The smart Solar Box will lower electricity costs significantly.  Among other energy-saving products you might see, this one particularly is cheap, easy to build, and long-lasting. The product will help you to reduce dependency on the power grid and use your sustainable green energy.

There are around 17,000 Americans who have already installed and used the product.

Based on customer reviews and the technology behind it, we can say this product is legit. Hundreds of people are ordering it so that they can use green energy and save costs per month.

How Does a Smart Solar Box Work?

The Smart Solar Box works by using solar panels and charging the batteries. Solar panels get their energy from sunlight, and the batteries charge the entire house.  A single charge per battery can deliver electricity to your home for 18 to 20 hours.

To ensure the Smart Solar battery light Box is working, put it under the sunlight, and even if it’s a cloudy day, it can consume some light and recharge. The device is long-lasting, and the batteries are rechargeable. 

To begin with, you can build a solar panel as small as 20 sq. ft. which is ideal for people living in small spaces or congested houses. If you think you have more space, you can re-build a new one bigger than before, and because you already know the secret recipe for creating the project, it won’t cost you a penny.

Since the Box holds charge via solar panels and panels are charged by an unlimited supply of energy, the Sun, here you don’t have to worry about anything or spend money once it is installed.

If you have two or three of the batteries, it can increase the energy supply by five times. So if you think you have a bigger house, then you need more batteries to have a continuous supply.

Some people are saving electricity and generating excess electricity that they can sell.

10 Simple Steps To Create Your Solar Panels:

Smart Solar Box program will discuss the details of the following:

  • Using PV to produce your own system
  • Types of Solar Cells and Calculating Power
  • Components of System
  • Optimal Positions for PV Panels
  • Building Process
  • What you require
  • Steps to building and testing your solar panels.

Smart Solar Box project will also discuss the following advance project[ for advance user]:

 General information about wind turbines

  • The best position for your wind turbines
  • Debunking common wind power myths
  • Power Generation
  • Generator Basics
  • Considering Towers
  • Battery Tips
  • Steps to creating your Wind Turbine;

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Step by Step Guide to build Smart Solar Box:

This product is a DIY solar box, and people living anywhere in the world can build it without any hassle. Once you purchase it, you can download the smart solar box PDF and access its resources. The manual has an elaborative explanation of the whereabouts of the tools. Among many, you need pliers, hand drills, and switch.

Along with these, a Smart Solar Box needs components, including solar panels. You need to purchase a 50-watt solar panel. If you think you want to build a bigger one or need more power then, you can have a panel with more watts.

The second component is the car batteries. If you have used batteries in the garage, that will work too. Otherwise, you can buy one, two, or three batteries based on the house’s size.

The Box needs a solar charge controller as well as multiple USB ports, and it needs a power 800-watt inverter to convert the solar energy to usable electricity form. Finally, you need a box to hold batteries, and this is how the Smart Solar Box is created.

After all, components are gathered together; you can follow the step-by-step video tutorial and read the books and manuals to help you create the device. All these tools need around $200 more or less, and according to the inventor of the Box it will take less than four hours to complete the solar panel Box. 

Anyone with zero knowledge of electricity, batteries, or solar panels can make the device by following the detailed smart solar box instructions. Based on the smart solar power box reviews, thousands of people have built it successfully and using it in their homes. The eBook contains the following contents: 

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Basic principle regarding solar energy
  • General Technical regards

Chapter 2: Tools and Components

  • Tools
  • Components 

Chapter 3: Starting the Building Process

  • Assembling solar panels
  • Preparing the Box
  • Wiring Process
  • Recap

Chapter 4: testing device

Chapter 5: list of places where you can buy components​.

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Features of Smart Solar Box:

 Sustainable power supply:

The Smart Solar box generates green energy that doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment. You can use it during a power outage.

 Easily carried from one place to another:

The device doesn’t include any wires, so if you are moving out, you can fold the panels and take the Box with batteries at the back of your car.

 Life saviour:

It can generate electricity during a natural disaster for heating, cooking, and charging.

 Zero-maintenance Needed:

The device can run for five years without you having to worry about maintenance. It is a long-lasting worry-free box. 

 Easy to Understand:

Once you buy the product, you will have access to the smart solar box blueprint, eBook, PDF, videos, and all. The comprehensive instructions of diagrams and videos make the installation easy. 


Along with the product users will get some bonus where they can learn how to build solar panel and wind turbine.

Benefits of Smart Solar Box:

  •   It can deliver power to all kinds of appliances such as computers, large-screen TV, laptop, AC, etc.
  • Ideal to use during natural calamities when the power goes out for a couple of days.
  • The main benefit is to reduce electricity costs by 68%. With an initial cost of $200, you will save $2000 annually.
  • Use green, sustainable and clean energy.
  •  Reduce pressure on the national power grid by decreasing power consumption
  • The device is durable and safe to use.
  •  It is a portable solar Box so it can be taken out for camping.
  •  The Box can use second-hand batteries often found in the garage; this saves cost. 

Pros and Cons of Smart Solar Box:


▪        Easy to gather components and they are cheap, around $200.

▪        Very easy to build the device, it takes only four hours.

▪        Batteries with one charge can run up to 18-20 hours.

▪        The product is cheap, portable, and generates clean energy.

▪        Reduces electricity bill by 68% or more.

▪        Free bonus guides with which user can build wind turbine.

▪        It needs little space, around 20 sq. ft.

▪        Sixty days money-back guarantee.


▪        The Box and its resources are only available in digital format.

▪        Users who don’t want to build something but want a device ready to use might not like it.

Smart Solar Box Programme Cost:

The cost of the Smart Solar Box program is around $39 with a $50 discount. If you buy it now and today you can get a special discount and buy the product at $27.  You can also access the guide and unadvertised bonuses with only $1. These are available on their official website.

Where to Buy Smart Solar Box

To avoid faulty products, you can buy the product from the original website or authentic sources. You can buy from their official website at a special discount.

Final Word about Smart solar Box Project:

According to the smart solar box comments and reviews, we can say the product is outstanding in terms of its functions, cost, maintenance, portability, etc. This is ideal for people who love DIY tasks and don’t like the dependency on the power grid.

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