Ultima Portable AC Reviews 2020 – Is Ultima Air Conditioner Legit or Scam?


Syosset, NY, United States, July 21 2020 (Wiredrelease) SABA COMMUNICATIONS INC –: Ultima Portable AC blows a steady stream of cool air wherever you place it. This small and portable air cooler has been developed by experts to ensure stellar working and great results. 

If you’re someone who wants to beat the summer heat without having to get burdened by high electricity bills, this device is for you. Using it is simple – just fill in water in the large tank and enjoy 5 hours of great cooling in your personal space. 

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Ultima Portable air conditioner doesn’t just produce cool mist, but it also humidifies and purifies the air. This way, it ensures that you breathe in fresh air rather than impure air contaminated with toxins. 

Ultima Portable AC Review 

Isn’t it weird how all winter long we wait for summer season, but when the summer sun finally shines, the sweat beads on our body make us want to take our words back? It’s like summers are lovely – you get to wear flowy dresses, eat ice cream and hang out till late in the night – only until it doesn’t get too hot. When the summer heat gets excessive, which happens around this time of the year, you don’t want anything more than autumn to roll in. 

Well, you cannot forward the ugly part of summers. What you can do though is chill in an air-conditioned room. Now not everyone has a central cooling system because of how expensive it is. In this situation, the best solution is an air cooler. 

Ultima Portable AC is one air cooling system that doesn’t cost you much and works very well to chill up your personal room. This appliance has three fan settings and runs for a good 5 hours without the need for charging. It seems to be the best budget friendly option to stay cool this season. With about 73 out of 99 5-star reviews, this appliance is reliable. 

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Who Is Ultima Portable AC For? 

The Ultima air conditioner has been designed for everyone looking for a rather affordable cooling solution. The device amply cools up a personal space – it is not meant to cool crowded or large rooms due to its size. However, use it properly with proper charging and water filling, and it will satisfy you by chilling up small rooms. 

You can sleep with this air cooler on as well. If you want to move it from one place to another, that’s easily possible. There are no cords to attach when charged fully and you don’t have to worry about the machine being too heavy. 

Features Of Ultima Portable AC 

There are some pretty great qualities that this appliance boasts. Let’s explore the defining qualities of Ultima Portable air conditioner here: 

  • This device charges quickly 

You wouldn’t have to wait for longer than 3 hours to charge this device. In comparison, the running time of the battery is 5 hours. 

The appliance uses a powerful 200 mAh battery and a type C USB charging cable. 

  • Adjustable air flow 

Ultima Portable AC keeps you cool wherever you go. The steady flow of air can be directed toward your face owing to its feature of adjustable airflow. 

  • Swiftly cools up the room 

The appliance swiftly cools up the room in as short as 30 seconds. This is because it produces about 2.7 m/s of refreshing air. 

  • Easy to refill tank 

The reservoir that requires to be filled with water for the functioning of the appliance is very easy to fill. This is because it is a large 300 ml tank with an easy to open and close lid. 

  • Quiet working 

Most other similar appliances have annoyingly loud fans which interfere with your peace. The device doesn’t make a lot of noise when it works. In fact, it works without making much sound at all. 

  • Effective air filtration 

The appliance efficiently filters the air in the room. In this manner, you enjoy cool, fresh, and healthy air in the room. 

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How To Operate Ultima Portable AC? 

Running the Ultima Portable AC is quite simple. Even someone who is a complete tech noob can get it. You wouldn’t even need to dig into the user manual – one look and you’ll get how it functions. Either way, here are the two basic steps to start the machine: 

  • Fill in the tank 

The tank of this air cooler is of high capacity. This means you can load a good amount of water in it which will keep it running for longer. You can fill tap water in the reservoir. If you want better results, as in cooler air, add crushed ice in the reservoir as well. Once you are done, adjust the components of the appliance. 

  • Turn the AC on 

Next, turn Ultima air conditioner on. You have three fan speeds to choose from. The highest speed blows out a steady stream of cool mist while the lowest blows out cool humidified air. As you turn the knob, the first setting would be low. Turn it once more to get a higher fan speed and yet again for the highest fan speed. 

If the air cooler runs out of battery, you will have to recharge it by attaching its cord. Another thing you have to check is the water in the tank. If water runs out, the appliance will stop working in between. In this case, refill the tank and turn on the appliance again. 

Note that you wouldn’t need to install this device anywhere as it is completely portable. As for placement, you can place the appliance on any flat surface be it a desk, tabletop, kitchen counter or the like. 

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How Can You Trust This Appliance?

There are quite a few solid reasons why you can trust the Ultima Portable AC. Check these out below: 

  • Positive reviews 

One way to know how credible a company and its products are is by reading reviews given by customers. The website of this appliance shows genuine customer reviews. An overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive, proving that the device works as promised. 

  • Money back guarantee 

There’s also a 30-day long money back guarantee that backs your purchase and ensures your money doesn’t go to waste. You can get your money back if the product doesn’t meet its claims by simply contacting the customer support team. 

Other ways you can know this device is reliable: 

  • The website gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • There are secure payment and checkout modes
  • The appliance has been featured on renowned sites as well

Where to Buy Ultima Portable AC and Pricing? 

You can purchase Ultima AC from the three special offers running at the moment: 

  • As part of the first offer, you get 50% off – one appliance for $89.97 with 3-day shipping on priority
  • As part of the second deal, you get 60% off – three portable ACs for $230.97 with 3-day free priority shipping and free 1-year warranty
  • As part of the third offer, you get 53% off – two air coolers for $179.97 with 3-day free priority shipping 

Payment can be made through Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. 

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The Replacement Water Curtain Filter Of This Appliance 

You have to replace the water curtain of the Ultima Portable AC every 6 months. This filter curtain effectively eliminates toxic particles as well as dirt and dust in the air. It is best to replace the water curtain at the end of summer after heavy use. You can purchase the water filter curtain directly from the website as well – one would cost you $9.97 at a discount of 38% which is currently applicable. 

Ultima Portable AC Reviews Final Verdict 

Ultima Portable AC is an air humidifier, cooler, and purifier. It has been engineered by top technicians and comes from a trustable name. You have no reason to doubt this appliance. The device has a number of layers that cool and purify the air. With this air conditioner, you can reduce your energy bill and also save on installation costs as the appliance comes fully assembled. 

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