WiFi Ultra Boost Review- Does This Ultra Wifi Signal Booster Work?


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Did you ever face that you have to stay in one place for a strong internet connection? And as you move away from that place, the signal disappears? If so, you have several dead spots in your house, and you need to extend your WiFi coverage.

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This will allow all rooms and corners to have a stable internet connection that you can test with any WiFi speed test software on mobile or laptop.  The device works with all routers and smart devices. In this WiFi Ultraboost review, I will talk about how it works and give you and analyze whether you should buy the product or not.

What is WiFi Ultra Boost?

The WiFi UltraBoost device is a WiFi booster which can increase the range of the network and reach every corner of the room.

The WiFi Booster is a small device that mimics the look of a mobile charger. It works at 2.4GHz frequency with a speed of 300Mbps.

On the front side of the Booster, there are four indicators including LAN, WLAN, WPS, and on/off. On the side of the Booster, there are a 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN port with reset button.

You can connect a computer, TV or gaming console with the LAN port, so you have the advantage to connect to both wired and wireless devices. The purpose of the WPS button is to create a connection between router and WiFi Repeater upon pressing the WPS button of both devices.

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Does WiFi Ultra Boost Work?

Yes, the WiFi UltraBoost works ensuring strong internet connection in all places of the house. The boosting of a signal is an old and successful technology in the telecommunication world, so there is no doubt of this device being a scam.

How does the UltraBoost WIFI Booster work?

A WiFi Booster connects to the original WiFi router wirelessly, and with the aid of built-in antennas, it increases the range and strength of WiFi signal. This overs any place where you used to get slow speed or ‘dead spots’.

It re-broadcasts the WiFi signal to a large area. It will deliver WiFi signal with the same quality similar to that of the WiFi router.

This means the WiFi bandwidth will not increase, but the signal will be strong. The UltraBoost will increase the latency or WiFi network response time. To make sure all areas of the house is covered, it is essential to keep the Booster at a suitable place.

The Booster will penetrate walls and increase the coverage of WiFi so that you have high-speed Internet in every room. It can effectively speed up to 300Mbps.

The UltraBoost has several modes from which you can choose as per your requirement. The first mode is to create a wireless performance with high signal strength, and the second mode is to make a new WiFi access point or WAP.

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What Factors Affect Signal Strength?

The following things around us can intercept a WiFi signal:

  • Metallic furniture, or walls;
  • Other networks like your neighbours WiFi network or other hotspots;
  • Wireless headsets, keyboards and mouse that uses Bluetooth. This will affect WiFi traffic and cause a delay;
  • Microwave oven, cordless phones, satellite dish, alarm systems;
  • Concrete, masonry wall or mirrors that are used in the construction of the building;
  • Compared to wooden walls, thick timber walls will cause disturbance of signal;
  • If the signal has to reach multiple floors, the floor heating will have an impact;
  • Large aquarium or the use hydronics for heating purpose.
  • If the signal has to pass through a ceiling and a brick or concrete wall, it will be affected.
  • Other wireless networks in the house will hamper the routers signal strength.
  • Baby monitors or walkie-talkies.
  • TV weakens the WiFi signal strength significantly. It is recommended not to place WiFi router behind it.

WiFi UltraBoost Device Compatibility:

The WiFi UltraBoost is a flexible device that will work with any gadget or device in the house. Since they have wide varieties of smart gadgets, it is essential for the Booster to connect with all devices. 

Once it is connected to the router, it will work with all smart devices and Apple products. The device is compatible with PC, laptop, smart TV, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Kindle or Android devices.

WiFi UltraBoost Benefits:

  • Once you start using the device, you can increase the WiFi coverage without paying for another router or extra bandwidth from your ISP. 
  • It connects with the router and doubles the coverage at a higher frequency.
  • There is no need to replace the router or other furniture in the house.
  • The device has a simple setup of plugging it into a socket. Anyone can do it without any professional help.
  • It is wireless and portable so you can take it in your office, university, or friend’s house.
  • It doesn’t have any monthly cost or subscription.
  • Several users in different rooms and floors will have access to a high-speed internet connection.
  • There will not be any case of weak signal or sudden drops.
  • It will eliminate any dead zones in the house or the problem of obstacles that weakens the WiFi router signal.
  • It will lower latency, buffering and slow speed.
  • The WiFi UltraBoost price is affordable compared to others. It comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee and two year warranty.
  • You don’t have to watch online movies or play games via Ethernet cable for a stable connection.

How will you understand whether you need the UltraBoost or not?

Well, if you fall under the following categories, then you might need one:

  • You suffer from weak or frequent connection interruption in different rooms that are far away from the router.
  • You have specific areas in your house where the network completely disappears. This is known as the ‘dead zone’.
  • There are multiple internet users in your house. They need a stable and strong connection for official and studying purpose.
  • You have a big or duplex house, and you want a stable connection everywhere.
  • The internet connection should be available in your front porch, garden or rooftop.
  • Various obstacles and elements might intercept WiFi signal and make it weaker such as microwave, cordless phone, TV, walls, etc.

Where to Buy UltraBoost WIFI:

If you want to order your product online should check the WiFi UltraBoost official website to get the original product. Follow the official Website link below:

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How to Install WiFi UltraBoost?

  • The WiFi UltraBoost setup is simple and straightforward.  For more details, you will find the WiFi UltraBoost manual online. The following steps show you a guideline to follow:
  • Unbox the package, and you will find wireless-N mini extender, RJ-45 cable for LAN connection and user manual.
  • Insert the Booster into the power socket and turn on the power.
  • Press both the WPS button of router and UltraBoost to connect them together.
  • In your mobile or laptop search WiFi and connect to the WiFi repeater.
  • Go to Chrome or search engine and type
  • The WiFi router interface will pop up.
  • Login with the default username and password: admin and submit.
  • Set up the Booster by selecting repeater mode, and then select the SSID of your WiFi router.
  • A screen will appear where you can name you UltraBoost SSID and enter the security key.
  • Choose a separate SSID so that you can differentiate between the router and WiFi UltraBoost. The security key is the one you used for the original router. It is not a password.
  • The setup is complete.
  • Go to mobile WiFi again; you will see the new name of the Booster.
  • Connect to the booster SSID to get a strong signal anywhere.
  • If you want to connect to wired connection like computer, TV use the LAN port of repeater to get a strong signal.

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What is the difference between WiFi extender and WiFi booster?

The purpose of WiFi extender is to increase the range of WiFi network. It amplifies signal when it recognizes a signal drop to ensure the internet speed is stable in all places of the organization. It doesn’t use an antenna to work and is installed between the router and end devices. 

The WiFi Booster is also used to extend the coverage of WiFi router. It is installed with the WiFi router and uses an antenna to work, and they are usually installed in large organizations or houses.

WiFi UltraBoost Reviews- Final Words 

The UltraBoost is an affordable solution if you suffer from poor speed and connection interruption in different corners of the house.

The WiFi UltraBoost is legit and is ideal for you if you work from home, stream movies online or have gaming consoles. It extends the range of coverage by the help of the built-in antennas.

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